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If nothing else, everyone should make sure they have a valid will in place before they pass away. Dying intestate – without a will or trust – means that your assets and property are distributed according to specific laws that determine who your heirs are and how much of your estate they get. Intestate probate can also be much more costly and time-consuming for your loved ones to resolve.

When you work with Legacy Planning Group to create your will, rest assured that you can help your family avoid these complications. Whether a will is the extent of your estate plan or the beginning of a more comprehensive arrangement involving trusts, know that creating a will is an important investment in your loved ones’ futures. Our attorney can help you create a will that accounts for all of the details you need to make sure are in place. In doing so, we will strive to help you feel more confident about whatever may come next.

For more information or to schedule a consultation with our wills attorney at Legacy Planning Group, please reach out to us online or call (310) 439-3704.

What Can I Do With a Will?

A will allows you to make many decisions. Most are about who gets what property in your estate, but other decisions address important matters such as guardianship of minor children, ownership of beloved pets, and what – if any – funeral arrangements you desire.

By clearly laying out your wishes, you can lessen the impact probate may have upon your relatives and minimize the chance of conflict arising among them during the process.

Can My Will Be Challenged?

Will contests commonly arise when someone named in the will or a legal heir challenges the validity of the entire document or specific provisions during probate. Such may be the case when the contesting party believes the will was improperly witnesses at signing, is the product of fraud or forgery, or was created and signed by the deceased during a time in their life when they lacked testamentary capacity or were coerced into doing so.

You can minimize the risk of a will contest – and added grief to your loved ones – by preparing your will with Legacy Planning Group. We’ll help you draft a document that can clearly lay out your wishes and ensure it is properly signed according to state laws.

In California, this means your typewritten will needs two witnesses present together to watch the testator sign their will or acknowledge the signature on their will, before the witnesses themselves sign to affirm this.

Contact our attorney today by submitting an online contact form or by calling (310) 439-3704.

Contact Legacy Planning Group for Help

If it’s time for you to create a will, get help from Legacy Planning Group. Our attorney has many years of experience helping people ensure that their estate’s distribution and other important decisions are guided by wishes laid out in their wills.

If you don’t have a will or any plans for your estate in place, consider starting with a basic will prepared by our attorney at Legacy Planning Group. Get the legal help you need to ensure your affairs are in order by reaching out to us for help.

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